By Andrea Cheng
Updated Mar 13, 2016 @ 4:45 pm
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My impatience and my sub-par folding skills are why my tees, sweaters, skirts, and pants (basically anything that's not hanging in my closet) are often prone to wrinkles. It's why my little steamer is my hardest working appliance, especially in the mornings after one too many last-minute outfit changes. And it's also why when an e-mail landed in my inbox that announced the arrival of some miracle pants, cut from an innovative cloth that's resistant to wrinkles, I honestly thought my life was about to change.

Everlane, the brand beloved for its basic wardrobe staples, its radical transparency, and its totes that have garnered a crazy cultlike following among the stars (including Angelina Jolie), has launched, what is essentially, the jet-setter's favorite pants. Two styles—a jogger and a cropped ankle pair—are made from an extra-fine Italian wool twisted to create "crease resistance and wrinkle recovery" that the brand has coined "GoWeave." Pants I don't have to steam? I had to test-drive them for myself.

I tried the cropped trouser in black, and when I first shook them out of their packaging, I was both pleased and impressed when I couldn't find a single crease after a pretty thorough inspection. I folded them back up and stuffed them in my drawer, cramming them in my haphazard pile of jeans and pants (all so wrinkled, the mere thought of ironing them out was draining). The next morning, I gleefully woke to the idea of non-wrinkly pants, only to be slightly disappointed when I found a few faint lines as the result of my careless folding—but not enough to break out my trusty steamer.

I wore them to the office, and by the afternoon, there were creases etched across my upper thighs from sitting at my desk, though the vertical front seam helped detract attention away from them. On the bright side, the folds from the night before had disappeared. At the end of the day, I laid out my pants, and by morning, those bends from sitting were virtually nonexistent.

The verdict: These pants are not wrinkle-proof, as I had wistfully hoped for. But that's my mistake, because nowhere does Everlane ever promise that these would be 100-percent free of them—a fact that I had to remind myself every time I detected even a whisper of a crease. But even though they're still subject to the smallest of wrinkles, the fact that they can smooth themselves out is as close to sartorial magic as you can get.

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The Everlane GoWeave pants, both the Crop Trouser and the Track Pant, are now available in two colorways—navy and black—for $115 at