Editor Tested: A Beverly Hills Salon's 6 Signature Hairdos for Gals on the Go

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Blow-dry and styling bars are the newest thing in beauty, so when we heard about this new signature service, we had to put it to the test. Yesterday, swanky Beverly Hills salon The Private Room debuted The Six, named for six simple and classic hairstyles that can be yours in just 30 minutes—and for only $45. We asked InStyle’s Los Angeles editorial assistants, Tessa Trudeau and Tiffany Faure, to swing by the salon to test it out, and here’s what they found.

“Living and working in Los Angeles, we know just how fast-paced life can be. Sometimes you’re just too busy, too tired, or---let’s face it---too lazy to style your hair yourself. We dropped by the launch party after work, where we were treated to sips and snacks, a makeup touch-up, and the hairstyle of our choice, followed by professional head shots to debut our new look.

We found that the six styles are all classic looks that are perfect for whatever occasion you have planned; "The Braid," a fun, flirty look worthy of your Pinterest beauty board; "The Wave," flirty, beachy waves that can be dressed up or down; "The Sleek," a smooth, straight, and classic look that will never go out of style; "The Bun," a timeless silhouette that can be worn low or high; "The Pony," an elegant and refined take on your average ponytail; and "The Tease," a high-volume style for your inner-bombshell.

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Not only are the styles themselves great, The Six service is perfect for when you’re on the go---and on a budget. With the salon being centrally located and easy to get to, you can get in, get styled, and get on your way. I tried out "The Wave" (above, left) while Tiffany went for a combination of "The Braid" and "The Tease" (above, right). Whether you’re transitioning from work to happy hour, getting glammed up for a red carpet event, going out for girls’ night, or primping for a date, The Six is perfect for all busy L.A. gals!”

---With reporting by Tiffany Faure

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