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Jul 19, 2013 @ 11:40 am
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Adidas will release its newest sneaker technology "Springblades" on August 1. The shoe features a new kind of sole -- one with multiple blades in a row instead of a flat bottom -- which is built to compress and release energy to propel the body forward. We asked running enthusiast and's Fashion News Editor Sharon Clott to test the new gear and report back on the results. Read on to find out what she thought.

“If you’re a runner, you have a certain loyalty to your running shoes. For me, I continue to buy the same pair of Saucony Triumphs year after year because I know they’ll work for my daily pitter-patter around the Central Park reservoir. But when I heard about the new Springblade technology by Adidas, I was intrigued. A series of 16 elastic blades replaced the stable chunky soles I’m used to, and these are designed in a way that the impact of your stride creates more energy—as the representatives from Adidas promised me (it took them six years to perfect it for release). I was also a little hesitant. Nothing is that easy, and the refund checks Skechers sent out for falsely advertising the leaning effects of their Toner shoes this week serve as proof. So, with a mix of curiosity and reservations, I laced up my neon pink pair and went for a jog. Outdoors, on the hot concrete of New York City, you do feel like these are doing a little work to move you along. I didn’t feel like I was springing up, it was more like running on a slight downhill. Mostly, the shoes made me more conscious of my form—when I landed on my toe, it was easier than normal, which makes sense since that’s how you’re supposed to run. “It’s just an energized feel, whether you’re walking or running 20 miles an hour,” the shoe’s designer Robbie Fuller had told me before my run. “It just feels like you’re in the starting block.” He’s is right. But not if you’re on the treadmill. After weaving my way down 50th Street, I headed to Equinox Fitness Club to test them indoors. They felt a little unnatural on the belt, and I kept thinking everyone could hear me stomping along when usually I’m such a lightfoot. Overall, these look different than anything I've seen before, so I’ll use them for running when I need a little built-in style motivation to move me forward—like out the door!”

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