Eddie Redmayne Jupiter Ascending Abs
Credit: Courtesy

If you're hoping to see Eddie Redmayne’s buff physique in his new film Jupiter Ascending, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled. The actor stopped by Conan on Monday where he discussed getting in shape for the sci-fi adventure, only to have his newfound sculptured torso wind up, primarily, on the cutting room floor. "I literally worked for months and it's blink and you'll miss. I don't think there's even a moment of observing the abs," Redmayne told host Conan O'Brien.

The charming star—who plays a villainous tycoon in the movie—said that he "did that thing that Hollywood actors do of being fed nothing but chicken for months and doing, like, eight gazillion stomach crunches" in order to be ripped for the role. ("I've never been ripped in my life!" Redmayne added.)

While, sadly, moviegoers will only get to see Redmayne in "a sequin space sweater," the Oscar-nominated Theory of Everything actor remains hopeful that maybe one day his abs will re-emerge and he'll get to show them off. But, lucky for us, O'Brien did the great favor of blowing up and framing Redmayne's now-long lost Jupiter Ascending abs. (Hey, if he doesn't hang that in his house, we will.)

Watch Eddie Redmayne's delightful chat with Conan O'Brien about getting ripped for Jupiter Ascending by clicking on the video below.