Credit: edwestwick/instagram

If there's one thing birthday boy Ed Westwick is good at, it's taking a selfie. The actor rose to the top of our radar when he played none other than Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, and he's stayed there ever since. And while we're not holding out hope for reboot of the show, we did get our wishes for a reunion granted when Westwick joined up with former co-star Chace Crawford on the red carpet and hijinx ensued.

Today, Westwick rings in his 30th year, and to celebrate we took a look at his oft-hilarious Instagram and rounded up his 15 most smoldering, sexy, irresistible selfies. We present them to you here, in no particular order (how could we choose a favorite?). You're welcome.

1. We'd chill with him any day of the week.

2. Just look how he makes messy post-flight hair look like a work of art.

3. Why yes, Ed, we'd love to watch you play some soccer.

4. Watching sports never seemed so appealing.

5. A zip-up hoodie has never looked so good.

6. Oh, what we would do to run our fingers through his hair.

7. Even his nostrils are a thing of pure beauty (also, hello, shirtless Ed).

8. Making hats look good since '87.

9. Clearly Westwick is a master of sexy scruff.

10. There's no rest for that smoldering stare.

11. Even on set, he manages to snap a perfect selfie.

12. When he made us swoon while imagining sharing a cup of coffee with him in the morning.

13. Proof that he can make any hat look good—even a backwards trucker one.

14. Tan Ed on vacation with scruff and a Panama hat is everything.

15. That time he graced us with an airplane selfie and the heavens shone down on him through the window.