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Following one taunting tease, the official Deadpool trailer was finally released on Tuesday night's episode of Conan, and according to Ed Skrein, who plays super villain Ajax, devoted fans are going to love it, and for one simple reason:

"[The cast and crew] understands the character and the comics," Skrein told InStyle during a recent visit to our offices. "In Vancouver, I had to buy an extra bag for all of the graphic novels that I bought. I read every Deadpool comic that has ever been done."

Ed Skrein - Lead
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In fact, the 32-year-old British actor—best known for his role as Daario Naharis in HBO's Game of Thrones—says he knows Deadpool's "fan boys" are going to appreciate the film (set to be released on Feb. 12, 2016) because, "we are making it for them. ... The director, producers—everyone understands Deadpool—and I think we have done him a real justice.”

Watch the official trailer for Deadpool below (see the NSFW red band trailer here):

—With reporting by Jennifer Merritt