Though we are obsessed with Ed Sheeran's own tunes, we can't get enough of the songs he wrote for other artists—Justin Bieber, included.

Sheeran penned the catchy tune "Love Yourself" for the pop star and may love it just as much as all of us, naming it his favorite song to have written while at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards gala in New York City on Thursday night. But unlike us, the Grammy Award-winning artist and songwriter didn't think it would be a big hit.

"I didn't know—I don't think anyone knew [how big it would become]," he told AOL at the event. "I think Bieber and Scooter [Braun] knew, but I think Benny and me, who worked on the song, we had no idea." Crazy, right?

It was a huge night for Sheeran, as he was honored with the Hal David Starlight Award. The songwriter was in great company, with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Berry Gordy, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Max Martin, and Jay Z, all inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame during the ceremony.

We cannot wait to hear what Sheeran comes up with next. Surely, it will be a major hit!