Is Ed Sheeran Moonlighting as a Hooters Employee?

Ed Sheeran, millennials’ favorite redhead (it was a close call, Prince Harry!), has been busy canvassing the globe for the last six-and-a-half months on his ÷ tour. His hectic travel and performance sched has him pretty slammed until August of next year, so considering the sleepless nights and long hours, it makes sense that things can get a little ~weird~ on the road sometimes.

The 26-year-old Brit gave us a prime example of such oddity on Friday when he posted an image of himself and a group of men behaving a little strangely?

“Tour can get weird,” the “Shape of You” singer captioned a photo of eight men in Hooters uniforms posing behind Sheeran, who was seductively splayed on the floor in front of them in camo shorts and a gray tee.

Ed Sheeran Hooters - Embed

So is Ed Sheeran low-key managing an all-male Hooters somewhere between Orlando, FL., (his last tour locale) and Raleigh, NC., (his next stop)?

All signs point to yes!

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