Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/AP

Ed Sheeran just hit a major milestone, and for once it has nothing to do with his music. The “Shape of You” singer sat for a portrait by Colin Davidson, and the painting will go on display Wednesday at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Sheeran shared a photo of the portrait to Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, and the Internet began to go mad. After all, this is a pretty big deal for someone who’s just 26 years old.

And fans quickly noticed a resemblance to another famous painting of a redhead: Van Gogh’s self-portrait. “Am I wrong or you look like van gogh’s self-portrait in that picture? Still amazing as always, all the love,” one fan wrote. “I was thinking the same thing … ears are still there though,” another joked.

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Between the rugged facial hair, blue eyes, and rough brush strokes, we have to say, the resemblance is a bit uncanny.

Hey Ed, do you have any famous relatives in your family tree?