Credit: Samir Hussein/Redferns; Tom Davies/Twitter

This is not a drill: Ed Sheeran has a 2-year-old twin.

People all over the Internet have been losing their minds ever since a photo surfaced Tuesday of a little girl who looks exactly like the "Shape of You" singer. "Why does this baby look more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does?," tweeter @1TD captioned a photo of her, which has since gone on to get nearly 82,000 retweets.

Naturally, people were baffled. "ahaha that's insane," one tweeter commented, adding in crying laughing emojis. "that's got to be a face swap," another wrote. Still, more were simply perplexed—and wondered if the child was his long-lost daughter.

"He has got to be the father," another user commented, while another simply posted a clip from Maury's 'You Are/Are Not the Father' famed segment.

So, just who is this adorable tyke? Surprisingly, she has no relation to Sheeran (and definitely is not his baby!). The little girl is England resident Zoe Walton's 2-year-old daughter, Isla.

"I did get comments from our family that she looks like Ed for a while, but only last week did we decide to put [the photo] online," Walton told Buzzfeed.

For now, Sheeran has made no comments about it, but since he has already made it clear he wants to have children soon ... at least he has a better idea of what they will look like when the time comes.