Ed Sheeran finally made his debut musical ride around Los Angeles with Carpool Karaoke's James Corden, and it was everything we wanted and more, with an epic story about his and Justin Bieber's silly antics, sing alongs to hits like "Shape of You" and "Sing," and a Malteasers eating contest.

CBS took viewers on a virtual trip across the pond, as the Brits hit L.A. in the latest Carpool Karaoke segment, which aired Tuesday night during the kick-off of the three-episode Late Late Show London series.

Starting off their drive on a sensual note, Corden put on recent chart topper "Shape of You," while the red-haired musician rode shotgun and proceeded to put his hand on Corden's thigh, explaining, "I told you it's a sexy song."

After performing his 2014 single "Sing," the pair got experimental, as they came up with a special traffic-themed edition of "Castle on the Hill."

"I'm on my way stuck in some traffic / And I'm in downtown L.A. singing Carpool Karaoke / And I miss the way we sing this song / Back there when we watched the sunset over the Hollywood sign," the pair belted out before seeing who could eat the most Malteasers, with Sheeran cramming 55 of the malt balls into his mouth.

An extended version of the duo's traffic-filled ride around the city on YouTube also shows them taking viewers on a musical trip down memory lane with a sing-along to "Thinking Out Loud" and Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself."

Speaking of the Biebs, the "Galway Girl" chart topper revealed that after a night at a "really, really filthy bar" in Tokyo with the star, the pair decided to go to a golf driving range, where Justin put a golf ball in his mouth.

"He said, 'Go on! Hit it out!' I was pretty hammered, and I was like, 'Focus, focus, you can't hit him, you can't hit him.' And I had this driving wedge, and I cracked him across the face," Sheeran hilariously recalled, admitting that the pop star was "actually really cool" about the whole incident.

Watch Sheeran belt out his catchy singles, conquer a mouthful of Malteasers, and reminisce about Bieber in the video above!