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By PEOPLE.COM/Kaitlyn Frey
Feb 24, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
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For years, guys could lend a chilly date their suit jackets and get “best boyfriend ever” points. But Ed Sheeran has taken that idea to the next level, and now that the word is out, guys everywhere might want to be sure they don’t head out on a date without making sure their socks are presentable.

The singer upped the chivalry ante (well, for his high school sweetheart, girlfriend Cherry Seaborn) at the Brit Awards afterparty on Wednesday night. Seaborn snapped the heel of one of her red-soled lace booties, and without a thought, Sheeran slipped off his sneakers and handed them over for Seaborn to wear out of the club.


Apparently whatever the DJ was playing caused Seaborn to dance hard enough to disengage the heel from the sole of her shoes (which appear to be Christian Louboutin’s $1,995 Andaloulou boots). Sheeran, 25, stepped into “knight in shining armor” (or, well, dark-wash denim) mode, and to ensure his his girlfriend of two years wouldn’t go barefoot the rest of the night, he decided to change up his party attire to be more black-sock-centric.

When the couple left the party, Sheeran held her hand as they walked out the door (with her snapped heels in the other) to make sure she didn’t slip and fall wearing his oversized sneakers.

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See ladies—chivalry still does exist!