Ed Sheeran's Irish-influenced single "Galway Girl" has been among the popular tracks from the singer's new Divide album, so it makes sense that the flame-haired Brit would get a new tat to commemorate his success, right?

Well, not exactly. Fans of the "Shape of You" crooner, who is known for his extensive albeit sometimes questionable ink collection, recently noticed a rather interesting addition that appeared to be a misspelling of the track's title. Instead of "Galway Girl," Sheeran's tat reads, "Galway Grill" and there's a story to explain everything.

The upcoming music video for the track features Brooklyn actress Saoirse Ronan and, apparently, there's a scene where she appears to give him a tattoo in her handwriting.

Well, Sheeran explained to his audience at a show in Glasgow on Sunday, it turns out that scene was real. And Ronan, 23, decided to inscribe "Galway Grill"—perhaps an ode to a favorite Irish restaurant—on the unsuspecting 26-year-old.

While the singer admits that "Like, full on, she really took the [rip] out of me with this one," he said he was still proud of the new ink because of its author. Plus, he admitted, it's the kind of thing he would do.

Listen to Sheeran talk about his new tattoo in the clip above.