11 Places to Shop for Eco-Friendly Back to School Gear

Back-to-school season is HERE, and as parents and kids alike get ready for a new year of learning, families everywhere are making sure that backpacks are packed with all the necessary goodies.

While getting ready for a new year typically involves shopping, stocking up on essentials for a new school year doesn't have to mean being wasteful. Even if you've graduated from your "back-to-school" years and only need new office supplies, allow us to point you in the direction of some eco-friendly supplies to stock your cart with.


Scroll through eleven of our favorite places to grab eco-friendly school gear, and get back to class in environmentally friendly style.

1. The Green Office

We're kicking off our list with an aptly named retailer that sells more than just school supplies. The Green Office offers everything from printer ink and toner to furniture along with a commitment to sustainability.

2. DwellSmart

DwellSmart sells papers, sketch books, markers, scissors, and more, so you know you'll be fully stocked with eco-friendly gear if you shop here.

School Supplies 2

3. Eco-Kids USA

This line of school and art supplies is designed specifically with kids in mind, and also features fun art pads like the one above. The best part? The supplies use non-toxic, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging, so they're extra safe.

4. Stubby Pencil Studio

Stubby Pencil Studio offers acclaimed eco-friendly highlighters in addition to other "earth smart" office supplies that are responsibly sourced.

5. Office Depot

Not all eco-friendly options are online-only. Office Depot offers a range of supplies that help the earth, including recycled chart pads that are perfect for taking notes.

School Supplies 1

6. PlanetBox

PlanetBox specializes in making stainless steel eco-friendly lunch boxes that can even be customized with magnets for when users are feeling creative.

7. The Ultimate Green Store

Of course a store named The Ultimate Green Store has back-to-school supplies ready and waiting for students. Some of our favorites? The non-toxic ice packs and stylish recycled notebooks come to mind.

8. SoYoung

SoYoung makes eco-friendly lunch boxes and backpacks, but if your school days are behind you, you might be interested in their diaper or water bottle bags. They cover a lot of bases.

School Supplies 3

9. Topo Designs

Even if you aren't going to a class anytime soon, the Topo Designs Daypack backpack is a pretty awesome fall buy. Plus it's handmade in Colorado.

10. The Honest Company

You've likely heard of Jessica Alba's company before, but did you know they make great travel wipes? These baby wipe packs are the perfect addition to any school shopping list.

11. Your Local Thrift Store

And last but certainly not least, check your local thrift store for back-to-school supplies. Sometimes when companies overstock supplies, they'll donate to local shops, and often the money from your thrift store purchases will go toward great causes.

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