2015 Governors Ball Music Festival - Day 3
Credit: Adela Loconte/Getty Images

Sibling bands are nothing new, but lately it seems that there’s been a resurgence of cool acts that are keeping it in the family. Just look to the sisters behind indie-rock group Haim for proof. Now, we can add Los Angeles-based band Echosmith to the growing list of cool family collaborations. Comprised of the four Sierota siblings, 18-year-old vocalist Sydney, 22-year-old guitarist/vocalist Jamie, 18-year-old bassist Noah, and 16-year-old drummer Graham, the group is catching fire thanks to last summer’s hit “Cool Kids” and their catchy new single “Bright.”

So what do they think about being among the music industry’s rising sibling bands? “It’s cool when there’s other bands besides the Partridge Family that people know of and that are related like Haim and Kings of Leon,” says Noah, who along with his brothers and sister stopped to chat with InStyle this weekend after the the band’s set at Governors Ball in New York City.

Like Haim, their shared background comes in handy when creating music. “We have a lot of the same influences, but even when we have different ones, we bring them all together,” Jamie tells us. “We’re very collaborative.” However, let's not forget that they are siblings. “Families have to fight through things, but families have loyal kind of bond. We have to remind ourselves of that and fight for each other and not against each other as much as we can. That will usually lead to good things.” Those good things could be defined as creating infectious ’80-infused beats inspired by The Smiths and The Cure, and of course, their feel good tracks, like "Cool Kids." As they prep for the European leg of their tour, we think you'll be hearing a lot more about these young stars both stateside and abroad.

Be sure to check out Echosmith's debut album Talking Dreams, out now, and listen to their newest single "Bright" below.