An Eat, Pray Love Study Guide, Why Lea Michele Loves Her Nose, and More!

Photo: Scott Kirkland/Retna Digita; Courtesy of The University of Texas; Courtesy of Bulgari; Imaxtree

1. Before you see Eat Pray Love this weekend, there's 5 things you need to know about Elizabeth Gilbert. []

2. Lea Michele's proud of her Italian heritage—and the nose that came from it! []

3. Scarlett O'Hara's iconic Gone With the Wind wardrobe is in need of serious repairs. Find out how to donate now. []

4. Find out which celebrity homes are on the market (and just how much they'll cost you). []

5. Check out Matthew Williamson's new bags for luxury jeweler Bulgari. []

6. Wanna be the next British style icon? Read up on designer Luella Bartley's advice. []

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