E. Jean Carroll Says the Secret Service Has Impeded Her Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

The advice columnist publicly accused the president of sexually assaulting her in the mid-'90s.

Back in June, Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll alleged that she was raped by Donald Trump in an except for her book What Do We Need Men For? that was published in New York Magazine.

Naturally, Trump did not take kindly to the accusations. First, he claimed to have never met Carroll, despite the existence of a photo of them together in the ‘80s. Next, he accused Carroll of “totally lying,” adding that the writer is “not my type.”

Carroll, not one to give up, is fighting back with a defamation lawsuit, asserting that her reputation as a writer was damaged by the president’s dismissal of her allegations.

During a conversation with Judith Light at Glamour’s Women of the Year summit over the weekend, Carroll revealed the challenges she’s faced by suing the president of the United States.

“I’m trying to speak out,” she began. “We have now spent the last week trying to serve the lawsuit to the president. Taxpayers pay for the Secret Service — the Secret Service is not permitting the server to bring a complaint to him. My lawyer, the great Roberta Kaplan, has filed a motion with the court for us to go around that — to email him. Or to tweet him! You all are paying for the Secret Service to block a lawsuit going against the president.”

But roadblocks be damned, Carroll is confident that she and her lawyer will rectify the situation.

“Remember when the Nazis marched on Charlottesville? They said, ‘We’ll be back.’ The reason why the Nazis never returned to Charlottesville is one petite little Jewish woman by the name of Robbie Kaplan,” Carroll continued. “Robbie Kaplan is the one who overturned [the Defense of Marriage Act], who has brought gay rights to all Americans. She is co-founder of Time’s Up. Don’t tell Robbie Kaplan she can’t serve papers to the president of the United States. Persistence.”

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