Dylan Penn Lead
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It’s easy to understand how the child of Sean Penn and Robin Wright would have a red carpet-friendly, Hollywood sensibility. And that’s exactly why we’re crushing on 24-year-old Dylan Frances Penn, who arrived to last night’s Amazon Prime Endless Summer Soiree in Los Angeles with her California-cool style in tow. So how exactly did Penn learn to be so fashionable? It's simple: Mom.

“Since I was really little she’s always said, ‘The simpler you go, the better it is.’ Like, don’t over do it. And as long as you feel comfortable it’s going to be sexy. And I always go for comfortable,” she told InStyle. “Now that we live on opposite coasts it’s harder [to borrow clothes from my mom] but growing up, I used to steal all of her clothes. I still have a few pieces. The [Fiorentini and Baker] shoes that I’m wearing tonight are hers; she doesn’t know that I have them.”

Wright also gave her solid wisdom about acting. “She’s always said, since I started doing this, that it’s always going to hurt. And after awhile you just get tougher and it doesn’t feel that bad,” she said. “I’ve been doing the whole audition thing. I’m trying [acting] out, I really like it for now. Not forever but … auditioning is the most painful thing. It’s hard. [But] it’s worth it.”

Of course, the actress has already learned how tough it is to make it in the acting world: “I tried out a couple times for Paper Towns and I’m so glad I didn’t get it because Cara Delevingne was so perfect for that part.” Yes, she may have been given the red light, but there’s no stopping Penn. Her dream job? “I guiltily watch New Girl with Zooey Deschanel and I would love to do a guest part on that show,” said the Lord & Taylor campaign model, who said she would even cut Deschanel-style fringe bangs. “I would!”

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