Julianne Hough Transformed into Tinkerbell for DWTS Disney Night

Photo: Jill Buck

Another week, another flawless Dancing with the Stars look from Julianne Hough.

We're still reeling from the amazing performances on Monday's Disney Night, but we're taking a moment to reflect on the beauty's stunning ensemble for the evening. Her glam squad was back at it again making Hough look absolutely beautiful—and giving all new life to one of our favorite Disney icons, Tinkerbell.

A gorgeous white gown with floral motif sequins and flutter sleeves was on the style agenda for Hough. "It's Disney week for @dancingabc so we took a little inspiration outta Tink's beauty book," stylist Anita Patrickson stated of the gorgeous getup on Instagram.

David Livingston/Getty

When it came to Hough's strands for the night, hair stylist Jill Buck had so much fun. And like us, she couldn't get over the star's uncanny resemblance to Tinkerbell.

"Julianne is always excited to try new looks, so when I brought up the idea of bangs, she was all about it," she told InStyle. "The key factor in tonight's look was the amount of hair I used and positioning of the bangs to keep it looking real. With a small ponytail pulled back tight and holding just the crown section of her hair and not the sides, I secured it tight and used this as the 'bangs' for added thickness. For people with thin hair, this is where a clip-in helps to make the pony thicker."

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Buck then flat-ironed the hair in the pony with her T3 micro iron and used Unite's Glossing Spray. "This actually ends up being the underside of the hair that lays face up, so it's important to flat iron," she advised. "I then manipulated the hair to have some sections shorter and the sides longer to create a full fringe, and I pinned flat to secure. The remaining hair I pulled into a really high ponytail and secured with my original ponytail. Dividing the hair into 3 parts, I looped and swooped the hair to create the top knot."

Then she smoothed hair with her Marula brush and added generous amounts of R+CO.'s strong hold hairspray for the finishing touches. "The key to this look is to keep manipulating the bangs until they look real."

Jill Buck

Makeup artist Spencer Barnes finished the look off with strong brows, long lashes, a dewy complexion, and rosy pink lips. "Makeup by #PeterPan #ineverwannagrowup!" is how he captioned a picture of the final look on Instagram. "Don't ya just love Jules's new freckles?" Adorable!

We cannot wait to see what she wears next week.

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