DWTS: The Inside Style Scoop

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

With just hours to go before the DWTS season premiere, head costume designer Randall Christensen gave us the style scoop on what the cast will wear. "We don't buy a single thing off the rack," says Christensen, whose team creates as many as 22 costumes in a single week. "After each results show we get 15 minutes with each celebrity to discuss the next look. Wednesdays we shop for fabric, Thursdays we cut patterns and Fridays we do fittings. The only dress rehearsal is just 2 hours before the Monday shows, so we're often stitching someone into a dress and gluing on rhinestones during the overture!" What's it like collaborating with strong-willed women like Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson? "The women get critiqued much more on what they wear, so I try to give them what they want," Christensen says. "Since Kate is from the reality world, she was new to all this. We looked through stacks of magazines and I tried to give her lots of reassurance. Pam walked in and said, 'Now I finally have the chance to be a Vegas showgirl!'"

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