People's sexiest man alive, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson possesses many skills. At 44-years-old, he’s conquered Hollywood, the wrestling world, fatherhood, and achieved, um, sexiness. But get this: He also has a beautiful singing voice.

In Hawaii, Johnson sat down with People, ahead of his Sexiest Man Alive debut, and showed off his singing chops. And no, The Rock wasn’t there to promote a pop album or Las Vegas tour—he reserves his voice for the most important ladies in his life: his daughters.

“I do this thing where I sing to my daughter Jasmine, who’s 9-months-old [now 11-months],” Johnson told People, noting that he once did the same for his now 15-year-old daughter Simone. “She would laugh, she would smile, she would coo, she would cry,” the actor reminisced.

Johnson first debuted his lullaby-crooning prowess with the locale-appropriate Hawaiian version, and then transitioned to English, singing “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star," and of course making note of his daughters’ reactions throughout the lullaby (“Right about now, [Jasmine] is smiling at me, she’s looking up… “This is where Simone used to cry…”) **Swoon**

Johnson is one amazing (and talented) dad!