Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shares Super Sweet Birthday Moment with His Daughter

Photo: The Rock/Instagram

How did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson celebrate his 45th birthday? By partaking in two of his favorite activities—a good morning workout and a cuddle session with his adorable daughter Jasmine.

The Baywatch star took to Instagram today to share a photo of himself with the darling 1-year-old before heading to the gym, and it made our hearts melt. In the snap, the actor holds Jasmine on his lap as they both smile for the camera.

"Was puttin' on my shoes to get ready to hit the gym before I go to work," he captioned the 'gram. "This lil' mama surprised me by runnin' into my arms and yelling 'Daaaahdeeeeee' which in my mind clearly means, 'Happy birthday daddy! You're the coolest daddy on the planet and the sexiest man alive, now go crush your workout and keep stayin' woke.'"

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She must be one smart and hilarious little girl to be able to communicate such an eloquent statement with a single word.

Either way, this father-daughter duo is too cute.

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