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Diane von Furstenberg
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Fashion pro Diane von Furstenberg took over our Facebook yesterday! Thanks to her signature Diane optimism, she inspired the thousands of DVF and InStyle fans who joined in on the candid conversation about style, life, and confidence. She even extended her Q&A session to squeeze in more fan questions, and we loved how she added a true Diane touch to each reply when she signed her answers “love Diane.” In case you missed it—or just want to live it all over again—scroll down to see the entire Facebook chat in question-and-answer form below. Be sure to check out more DVF news on dvf.com, and stay tuned for more fun and fabulous Facebook chats in the future.


Did you ever think selling a few wrap dresses would expand into the empire you have today?What was your reaction to the success? — Sarah Y."I had no idea the wrap dress would be so popular, but at the time no one was making a simple little dress. It was all very exciting and unexpected."

What is one staple item in your closet that you live by? (Not including your wrap dress!) — Vanessa R., Burbank, CA"The things I always go to are things that are effortless, sexy and on the go. And I never go anywhere without sunglasses!"

What is your philosophy or idea of what makes the confident woman that you exemplify in your designs? — Elise B., Fort Lauderdale, FL"She is a woman who wants to be effortlessly sexy. She knows herself. She is the woman she wants to be!"

I'm in my mid 40s and struggling with what's appropriate to wear for my age! Suggestions please! — Melissa S."At 40 you can wear whatever you want! Go for it and just make sure it always looks effortless."

Your style seems to have been so consistent through the years. How would you say it has changed as you got older, and what advice would you give other women? — Angela M., Maplewood, NJ"Actually my style has not really changed. It has always been about being timeless. The longevity of the wrap is the perfect example."

I want to try mixed prints for summer. What type of prints would be great for this? — Shanna R, New York, NY"Mixing prints can be tricky, so that is why when I design a collection, I do it for you!"

I have a hard time finding dresses because of my wide back and large breasts. What's the perfect summer, business and LBD for me? — Veronica K., Chatsworth, CA"Wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful! It is all about confidence."

You have become a style icon for so many just starting off in the fashion business! Was there someone you considered to be your style icon when your first began working as a designer? — Katie C."Marlene Dietrich, she was so mysterious and sophisticated."

What print and color is very popular for this summer? — Dorin K."Cobalt blue and lime green! And I always love black and white."

What besides the LBD is a must-have that every woman should own? — Micha D., Cooper City, FL"Iconic is a tricky word, but I think every woman should have a colorful printed dress that makes her feel beautiful!"

If you had to wear another designer's line, who would you choose? — Alexis M., Louisville, KY"As the President of the CFDA, I support all of the designers. I cannot choose favorites! It is like choosing between your children."

What do you think is the number one wardrobe must have for spring summer? — Nicole K., New York, NY"Maxi dress! Perfect for traveling."


What is your number one secret to success? — Katie L., New York, NY"Be true to yourself. That is the most important thing."

What are your thoughts on jeans in the workplace? — Lisa B., Brooklyn, NY"It depends where you work, and what kind of job you do. But they can work in some offices."

In your opinion, what should a woman wear for a job interview? — Malina L., Highland Mills, NY"Whatever makes her feel the most confident. A wrap dress is nice!"

What is your best advice for someone just starting out in the fashion industry? — Mandy P., New York, NY"Follow your heart and hold on!"

What advice do you have to a young woman looking to start her own business? — Olivia G., Tuckahoe, NY"Find clarity around what you want to do and go for it! Do not be afraid to fail. Learn from mistakes and focus on the positives."

What made you do the children's collection for Gap? — Lesley V."It is always good to do something outside of your comfort zone, and I had not designed for children so it was very exciting."


What makes you feel the most confident? — Leah M., New York, NY"I feel the most confident when I am true to myself."

On those days we wake up down, how can we deal with that? — Maira P. "The best way to handle that is by thinking of what you have and be thankful!"

What inspires you most about a woman? — Miriam P., Sundsvall, Sweden"What inspires me most about women is their strength. I have never met a woman who is not strong."

What's beautiful in your opinion? — Rawya F."All women are beautiful. And knowing yourself and staying true to that in everything that you do."

What is your definition of perfect? — Alexa R., New York, NY"Beauty is perfect in its imperfections."

What makes a woman timeless? — Mahelet W."Always be curious and pay attention to what's happening around you. That is how you stay relevant and become timeless."


What do you do first when you wake up in the morning, and what do you do last before you go to bed? — Chia N., Fond du Lac, WI "Meditate"

I heard you are a Gladiator (fan of Scandal), so who is your favorite character on the show so far? — Siarah L., Santa Cruz, CA"Olivia Pope, I love her!"

What do you think about Brazilian woman? — Astrid S., Brazil"Brazilian women love their bodies and love themselves. They have great style and that is so."

If you could spend one day doing anything, how and where would you spend it? — Marissa E."Hiking with my family."

You're quite the jetsetter, what's your absolute favorite city and why? — Amy L."New York City! Because it is built on granite and everyone has energy."

Life Motto? — Ashley E."Love is life!"

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