That's it.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Mar 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

There are a group of photos of Dua Lipa from December 2019 (a better time), that the internet is just now realizing are more relevant than ever. That is because apparently over the holidays, Lipa took some time to breathe, and stretch, and center, and drank. Honestly, that's what we all (read: me) need to do right now too.

On that wonderful looking day, the "No Rules" singer did some poolside yoga in cropped black jeans and a message tee, her Aperol Spritz (and also a Corona) close at hand.

Credit: Splash News
Credit: Splash News

Where are Dua’s leggings? Where is her yoga mat? Did her Aperol Spritz precipitate the spontaneous yoga, or did the Aperol Spritz derail her motivation to put on yoga clothes? Our best bet? Well, boy, [she] don’t give a f—k.

And let me tell you, if I had a patio and a stocked bar cart at my apartment (where I have sequestered myself beneath an electric blanket, a box of quickly-depleting Chips Ahoy cookies by my side), I would be doing the same damn thing.

If you can, take this time to follow Dua’s lead and breathe, drink if that's something you're into, wear whatever tf you want. Bottles of Aperol (probably) won’t fly off the shelves quite as quickly as hand sanitizer and toilet paper.