Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid Broke a Quarantine Beauty Rule

Try it at your own risk.

They say rules are made to be broken. While sales of hair dye are skyrocketing and everyone's thinking about whether or not to get bangs, Dua Lipa and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, are going against pro recommendations and taking dye jobs into their own hands. In her latest Instagram post, which lipa called the latest addition to her "quarantine diaries," she shows off a fresh pink color courtesy of Hadid. It looks so good, in fact, that the model may have a future as a colorist.

Followers can see the finished product in the first shot of her gallery, but it's not until the fourth image that they see Hadid hard at work. It's not a complete, all-over color, however, Hadid focused the new hue on the Top of Lipa's head. While she pulled her hair into two high, looped ponytails, it resulted in a cool and fresh two-tone look.

Dua Lipa Pink Hair Anwar Hadid
Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Lipa's diary also let fans know that she's gotten into gaming and still hard at work promoting her latest album, Future Nostalgia.

"Quarantine diaries - this weeks experiment ... pink hair. That’s kind of it really... I haven't acquired a new skill but I have joined world of warcraft and I have two pets on it called mintsaws and little sheena (one’s a dragonhawk and one’s a tiger)," she wrote. "I've attempted a few morning facetime workouts with my friends and because ive still been doing bits of promo from home - a massive shout out is due to all the journalists who have been so patient with me while im on my quest to becoming a true tech wiz."

Lipa is just the latest person to show off a new dye job. Hilary Duff went blue. Jennifer Love Hewitt opted for pink, too. Now, if you're looking for some inspiration, it seems every color of the rainbow is up for grabs. Even non-Technicolor hues are back in the spotlight BTS's Jimin chose a natural color: black.

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