Dua Lipa's Glastonbury Diary: Bruised Tail Bones and Spice Girls Collabs

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Backstage at Glastonbury 2017, Dua Lipa - wearing a Stella McCartney two-piece (a look we shall coin Sporty Spice chic) – is beside herself after performing to a packed crowd on the John Peel stage. “Babes, it literally blew my mind – plugging my tune here- it was the best performance of my entire life, I can’t even deal right now,” the singer told me -the adrenaline running through her is completely infectious.

A lot has changed for the British singer since she first performed here in 2016, “last year I pitched a tent myself, backstage with my boyfriend! It was one of those posh pop up tents though with a blow up mattress!” After a stellar year, Dua has gone from celebrity camper to high up on the festival’s billing and here the twenty-one year old talks to me, Joshington Hosts, through a day in the life of a Glastonbury headliner…

08.00: “First thing I did today was wake up and brush my teeth- tick! When I pack for a festival the five things I always pack are: glitter, wet wipes, wellingtons, a disposable camera- I am really into them at the moment- and dry shampoo. But I would usually always shower when I go to a festival - I don’t think I could just camp and not have a shower!”

10.00: “I got ready, did my hair and my make-up. I was rocking a blue noughties inspired eye shadow look for the occasion.”

11.30: “Got to site and freaked out that I was here- I was like, ‘yes Glastonbury! This is so good!’”

12.00: “I did a vocal warm up with my vocal coach via Skype- it’s amazing that I actually got WIFI here- winning, absolutely on fire babes!’”

13.00: “Got dressed and hung out with my band and we were just getting each other so hyped up for the performance. I got really nervous, nearly cried and nearly weed a little.”

14.10: “When I went on stage it was the most surreal moment of my life, it was insane, it was just magical. I performed on the John Peel stage last year and I didn’t think it could get any better but it did. There were so many people who came to see me- in an instance I feel like my confidence just grow so I was doing such crazy sh*t.”

14.30: “I feel like I go, ‘oh shit every time I perform!’ Once I was performing with The 1975 in Chicago and I was wearing this oversized red jumper with just pants underneath and hooked a micpack into my knickers. I was dancing, going crazy and something was pulling my head back and I realized my knickers were falling down. They were nearly half way down my thighs!”

Dua Lipa Glastonbury

14.45: “I used to always wear heels on stage but I just realized how much better I move in trainers. I feel so confident in heels and now I am wearing a lot of baggy trousers and boxers with crop tops! So many times I have chosen to wear something just because it’s cute and I have spent the entire time pulling it down to make sure my ass isn’t coming out!”

15.10: “I was jumping into the crowd and everything! The crowd was holding me and we were singing together- that was my favourite Glastonbury moment ever!”

15.30: “When I got off stage I just went mental with my team and my family. It was such a good moment. I bruised my tailbone performing because I was dancing like a mad woman, now I am trying to sit down and it’s like, ‘ouch!’ I will still be backstage in six hours as I literally can not move!”

15.40: “I got changed and went to the sound check straight away for the acoustic session I did for the BBC later in the day -live to telly. Last year I was all about a leotard, tights and a long trench coat with big boots. This year I am more sporty- I am so into Sporty Spice- I wish I could meet a Spice Girl. I want to get together and do a cover with the Spice Girls- that would be my ultimate collaboration. I would die if I sung Wannabe with them. I always wanted to be Posh Spice- she’s amazing- she’s killing the fashion game, killing the husband game and killing the baby game!”

16.45: “I did some some press- I got to hang out with Joshington Hosts babes!”

21.00: “I got in the crowd to watch Radio Head- Creep was a real moment!”

22.45: “I joined Major Lazor on stage to perform our single for the first time. It is so exciting to share that moment that I usually share with my band with someone else and an artist I really admire. It was so good to do ‘The Other Stage’ because the audience was huge! I love collaborating with other artists, this is shooting for the stars – not that working with Chris Martin wasn’t shooting for the stars- but I really want to work with Frank Ocean next!”

00.00: “I went straight to a f**king airport hotel at Heathrow because I am flying to Chicago straight away the next morning. I am gutted not to be staying for the full weekend but I am doing a radio show in Chicago for the first time. It’s so rock and roll- I went to Glastonbury and then I am going to Chicago- I just feel like I am living my best life!”

Dua Lipa’s incredible debut album is out now!

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