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Credit: thedrybar/instagram

Aside from not having to deal with your own hair for a few days, the best part about getting a blowout is being able to just sit in the stylist's chair and relax. But, have you ever wondered how to make a blowout even more zen?

If you answered "yes," then Drybar's got you.

Everyone's favorite blowout bar chain—which seems to have almost as many locations as Starbucks—is expanding its haircare line with a new product that isn't meant to be used on your actual hair: a candle. While a scented candle won't help you ride out your last blowout for a few more days, or touch up your beachy waves, lighting it will set the mood and take you to your happy place—Drybar.

The Scent of Dry Bar Scented Candle features the brand's signature Blanc scent found in your favorite Drybar styling products like the Triple Sec 3-in-1 volumizing and texturizing spray ($26; sephora.com). Subtle notes of vanilla, musk, and amber are added into the mix to make any room you light it in feel even more warm and cozy.

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The candle is available for $45 at thedrybar.com. If a blowout isn't scheduled in your iCal anytime soon, we suggest letting the candle burn as you struggle to give yourself a Mai Tai at home—one of Drybar's signature blowout styles.