Preen LFW FW2017/18 LEAD
Credit: Imaxtree

Remember the '90s? It was a much simpler time, when we'd sooner take to our bedrooms over Instagram stories to document our entire day in our diaries, which obviously featured Lisa Frank stickers and pressed flowers in the sidebars of each page. The hand-written diary, complete with floral decorations, has become somewhat of a lost art in the social media age, but at London Fashion Week, Preen captured that whimsical feeling in the FW '17 nail look by covering bare digits with a handful of tiny blossoms. To keep the pattern intact, a layer of clear top coat helped seal everything into place.

Not long after Preen's show, we spotted a similar effect on the Instagram page of Seoul's trendy Unistella Nail Studio. Dubbed dry flower nails by the Unistella's nail artist Eun Kyung Park, the look featured slightly larger florals than the ones that took the runway, but the finished effect was just as delicate.

Unlike the technique used at Preen, only a few of the smaller petals were coated in clear top coat, while the more sizable blossoms were placed directly over the top, creating a 3D effect. Eun Kyung and co. went even further with the effect, and decked out one model's ring finger with extra leaves and vines. Although it isn't super-wearable in real life, it's certainly worthy of its own diary entry—not to mention, a spot on Instagram's popular page.

Try out the effect at home by either starting with a clear base coat, or applying a base color. While the lacquer is still slightly wet, use tweezers to place each flower directly on the nail bed. Finish with a layer of top coat. Although the Unistella method would be leave a few over the top, they run a higher risk of falling off.