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Every now and then we come across a beauty brand that stops us in our tracks. This was recently the case with Drunk Elephant. While we’ll admit it was the name (who wouldn’t want to see an enormous animal getting plastered?) that initially intrigued us, what truly drew us in was the fact that the skin care line is 100 percent non-toxic—meaning there are no questionable ingredients included.

Rather than compromising your complexion with harsh chemicals and expensive treatments, Drunk Elephant, which can now be found at Sephora, encourages a “less is more” approach by only offering six essential products, enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing without any aggravations. This includes a wrinkle-fighting eye serum, a non-greasy sunscreen, and a fast-absorbing face oil made solely of virgin marula oil (you’ll learn more on that later) that safely enhances every type of skin.

Curious on what sets Drunk Elephant apart from other “all-natural” companies and, of course, the story behind the playful name, we chatted with the brand’s founder, Tiffany Masterson.

We have to know: How did you come up with the name Drunk Elephant?
When I first tried Marula oil, I instantly fell in love and immediately went online to do more research. I found a video on YouTube of elephants eating the fallen marula fruit and stumbling a bunch of cute drunks (in the rare case a drunk can be cute!). Legend has it that elephants eat the marula fruit fallen from the trees, which ferments in the hot sun, and become drunk! Unrefined Marula Oil is threaded throughout the entire line and is the only ingredient in our luxury facial oil. Since my formulations are so serious, I decided I could spice things up a little with a sassy name… being forgettable will not be our problem!

What is Drunk Elephant’s mission?
Drunk Elephant’s (DE) mission is to shift the focus off of the consumer's ‘sensitive’ skin and on to the insensitive ingredients that are responsible for the majority of our skin problems. We accomplish this by delivering clinically-effective, clean skincare formulated with cutting-edge synthetic and natural ingredients and without toxins, sensitizers and irritants that block the pathway to healthy skin. Our goal is to teach the consumer that ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean good and that every ingredient should directly and only benefit the health of our skin or the safety of the formulation

There are so many all-natural beauty brands available these days. What separates Drunk Elephant from the pack?
DE is not all natural. Our formulations are synthetic and natural, however are all non-toxic and non-irritating. We're different because we formulate with the most efficacious actives at the right percentages and pH levels, while leaving out fragrances, dyes and most importantly, essential oils, which we believe inflame and aggravate the skin and keep the key ingredients from doing their job.

Which product keeps customers coming back for more?
T.L.C. Glycolic Framboos (the night serum, $90; has quickly become the star, but all of the products are very popular and are surpassing our wildest expectations.