A Dries Van Noten Runway-Inspired Dessert: The Dark Chocolate Parfait

Dries Van Noten Dark Chocolate Parfait
Photo: Johnny Miller, ImaxTree

Taking her cue from Dries Van Noten’s elegant midi dresses and exuberant blooms, Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections—one of L.A.’s most lauded artisan chocolatiers—whipped up this decadent dessert of mousse topped with apricot jam and crowned by an exotic flower that echoes the designer’s lush floral embellishments. "I love the flow of Van Noten’s clothes, and I study his work for inspiration," says Gordon. Her creations, like his, are witty, classic, and cool. "Fashion and food are so similar in the way they excite the senses," she says.

The Passionate ParfaitInspired by: Dries Van NotenBaker: Valerie GordonServes: 4

How to Assemble:

1. Start with 1 cup dark chocolate mousse ($12/2 boxes; kingscupboard.com) and ¼ cup of your favorite apricot jam.

2. Fill a pastry bag ($7/24 bags; wilton.com) with the mousse, and pipe it into four white-wine glasses ($13 each; crateandbarrel.com), most of which are narrower than red-wine glasses.

3. Fill another pastry bag with the apricot jam, and pipe a thin layer on top of the mousse: Start against the inner wall of the glass and continue piping in a spiral motion toward the center until all of the chocolate is covered. Tidy up smudges with a damp paper towel. Cover each glass loosely with plastic wrap, and chill until ready to serve.

4. Garnish each glass with a well-rinsed orchid (like this phalaenopsis above, $50/pot; 1800flowers.com). Guests should discard the flowers before consuming the parfait.

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