Drew Barrymore's Attempt at Stella McCartney's Staircase Challenge Will Make Your Week

"Stella, you're the only person on the planet I'm gonna hurl myself down the stairs for."

Drew Barrymore just slid down her staircase while wrapped in a rug – or, at least, she tried.

Just like many of us, celebrities are finding ways to amuse themselves while remaining isolated during the coronavirus pandemic. For the 45-year-old actress, that included partaking in designer Stella McCartney's "staircase challenge" and failing tremendously at it, which translated into a truly hilarious clip.

McCartney originally took to Instagram with a fun video of herself sliding down her staircase using a sleeping bag as a makeshift sled. Wearing oversized white sunglasses and a denim shirt, she oozed cool as she made the stunt look easy.

"DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! My staircase is keeping me occupied... what are you guys doing to fill the time?" McCartney asked viewers who are also practicing social distancing.

The first thing Barrymore did? She tried this move at home, apparently, but maybe she shouldn't have. She wrapped up in a rug, hit the staircase, and tried to slide down her own staircase...but it didn't go as planned.

"Stella, you're the only person on the planet I'm gonna hurl myself down the stairs for," she said ahead of her attempt. Famous last words? Instead of sliding as if she were in a sled, she wonkily "stepped" down each stair.

"This isn't going well," she murmured during the awkward "ride" down the stairs. . "I don't think this is how it's supposed to look."

"I hope this satisfies," the actress joked after finishing her challenge. It may not have looked anything near McCartney's version (and seemed decidedly less safe), but hey – at least we were all entertained!

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