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Drew Barrymore's frank (and sometimes, facetious) outlook and down-to-earth charm are just a couple reasons why we're completely enamored by her. When it comes to parenting, wine, or, essentially, anything in life, the actress is an open book. And fashion is no exception.

As mom of two and #girlboss of her Flower brand, Barrymore recently confessed to us that her off-duty style is limited to jeans and a button-down, which is "like ball gown level of dressed up for me." But what about her shoreside style? "God bless the person who invented rash guards—I’m on my hands and knees thanking them every day," the actress tells InStyle. "Finally! Wearing a long-sleeve shirt on the beach is acceptable, and I’m thrilled."

Her one and only rash guard is a thrift store find that boasts the perfect fit, pretty stripes, and zipper detailing, and she's looking to expand her collection. "There's really nothing bad about them," Barrymore continues to rave. "Only good things. You get to cover up and save yourself."

By that, she means save yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays. When it comes to sun protection, she means business. In her beach tote, she has every kind of baby sunscreen under the sun.

"I'm this intensely pasty, stinky freak on the beach, but I don't care—I slather baby sunscreen on me and the kids. Coppertone, Honest, Neutrogena, Babyganics, Babo," she lists. "And I put my kids in rash guards over that. We look like mummies on the beach."

At least they're stylish mummies. In an effort to aid Barrymore on her quest for rash guards, we took it upon ourselves to round up our faves (below, and anything Cynthia Rowley) that make good on style and protection. Win-win!

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Shop the pieces (from top): J. Crew, $78; Orlebar Brown, $295; Mara Hoffman, $260; Adidas by Stella McCartney, $91; Marysia, $231;