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Drew Barrymore WRN LEAD - InStyle November 2015
Credit: Jan Welters; artwork by Mimi Jung

Inside the November issue, InStyle editor in chief Ariel Foxman recounts his lunch date with actress Drew Barrymore, where they talked about her new book, Wildflower, the power of positive body image, and why she just wants to be Norm from Cheers. Read an excerpt below, and for the full feature, pick up the November issue of InStyle, now available on newsstands and for digital download.

Drew Barrymore InStyle Cover
Credit: Jan Welters

The actress was styled in Stella McCartney and Valentino for the November shoot, which took place at Pier 59 Studios in Manhattan. Between takes, she approved bindings for her new book of personal stories, Wildflower ($17; amazon.com), coordinated deliveries of her Flower Beauty line, and curated a playlist.

Jan Welters

My carry-on for this cross-country flight is superlight. No laptop. No magazines. Not even my work papers. Heading to Los Angeles from New York to interview Drew Barrymore—it’s my third time in 12 years—I packed only one thing to pass the time: an advance copy of the star’s latest book, Wildflower ($17; amazon.com). I am meeting Drew for lunch tomorrow. And while we have tons to catch up on—there’s a moving new film called Miss You Already (co-starring Toni Collette), her two adorable daughters, plans for the fall—I want to be sure I have finished every page of this “non-memoir” collection of personal stories.

I dig in. The book is a deeply thoughtful and fun page turner—like a rich dessert that also happens to be good for you. In what feels like quintessential Drew Barrymore, she alights on moments from her biography, some very familiar (touring with Steven Spielberg to promote E.T., flashing David Letterman during an appearance on his show) and others quite private (visiting her estranged and ailing father in the hospital, meeting her eventual in-laws for the first time). She provides readers with insight into her life but also offers universal truths in new and surprising ways. I’m laughing, nodding, tearing up, dog-earring.

When I arrive at my hotel, I email Drew to tell her how much I enjoyed the book and to confirm plans for the following day. She responds moments later, telling me that she’s bowled over by my response, especially since, it turns out, I am the first person, besides her editor, to have read the book. She is still “freaking,” as she puts it. It’s clear now that our lunch is going to be the most intimate and exhilarating book-club meeting ever.

To eavesdrop on Foxman's conversation with Barrymore, pick up the November issue of InStyle, now available on newsstands and for digital download. Plus, don't miss out on more exclusive Drew content from #InStyleVirtual—and nab a limited-edition InStyle Viewer for free.