Drew Barrymore Muses on the First Time She Fell in Love with Makeup

Drew Barrymore
Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

We already knew Drew Barrymore was a woman of many talents, but her many beauty tips and tricks can challenge that of even the most seasoned pro. With the product knowledge she picked up over her expansive career, the actress launched her own cosmetics line Flower Beauty early last year, adding the role of brand creator and founder to her already-impressive resume.

But as it turns out, Barrymore's appreciation for beauty started long before her first time in the makeup chair. "My first favorite beauty moment was when I was a kid watching women get ready in a makeup room---it was like this secret society where they all had eyelash curlers and rollers in their hair. I felt like I was backstage at a ballet, and it was like watching a symphony of women transform themselves," she told reporters last night at the launch event for Flower Beauty's trio of fragrances ($10 to $25 per bottle; walmart.com)."The lights would reflect off the mirrors, and it was so romantic, cool, and interesting. Women would come in with their sweaters pulled up, and would walk out really confident and proud. I was four, and it just forever stuck in my mind."

The star's love of fragrance proved to span back just as far, we learned, as she waxed poetic over scents that never failed to evoke a nostalgic feeling. "We actually had a night-blooming jasmine bush outside our duplex in West Hollywood growing up, and my mother wore L'Air du Temps. Oh my god, if I smell that, it takes me back!" she said, noting Anais Anais, Joy by Jean Patou, and Jean Nate's '70s and '80s-era fragrances as a few more retro favorites. "And Vitabath! Vitabath messes me up. That was the smell of the '70s to me. Every home you went in, women had just gotten out of the Vitabath!"

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