Drew Barrymore Reveals the One Thing People Don't Tell You About Motherhood

Drew Barrymore instagram
Photo: Instagram/drewbarrymore

On top of being the ultimate #girlboss, Drew Barrymore is the mom of two daughters, Frankie and Olive. But as adorable as her tots are, being a mother doesn't come without its challenges—something that she readily admits (ahem, "mom brain"). And despite the slew of parenting books out there (her personal favorites include The Whole-Brain Child and Raising Lions), Barrymore says the one thing about motherhood she wished had been more plainly put is that "you have to be lightning-fast in your responses to things—you have to always be inventive and creative."

"It's like constantly playing mental chess on how to get something done in that moment, and I hope I'm doing it as gracefully as possible," she laughs. "It’s so amazing—after your kid is crying for 12 hours, you'll start laughing and you love them even more. But the next day, the stupidest thing will throw you. Everything surprises you constantly."

The best comparison she has to parenthood? "It's like a high speed game of Frogger," Barrymore says, calling out the old-school arcade game. "It's level 7 Frogger."

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