Drew Barrymore's 7-Year-Old Daughter Took All the Photos for Her Latest Magazine Cover

Drew called daughter Olive "the world's smallest and moodiest photographer."

The Barrymore family’s artistic talents don’t end with acting …

When Drew Barrymore decided to write an article do a shoot for The Sunday Times, social distancing wasn’t mandated. But, as we all know, things quickly shifted in the month of March. Enter: Olive Barrymore Kopelman.

While Drew is notoriously private when it comes to her daughters, she gave her 7-year-old a moment in the spotlight on Sunday when she explained on Instagram that her eldest had stepped up and served as her photographer.

“The following is a dialogue between me and my daughter,” Barrymore began her caption. “ME: Olive will you take pictures for the @theststyle photoshoot. Its for a magazine people work for years to shoot for!

OLIVE: Why are you asking me to shoot you mom? And who normally shoots you?

ME: A photographer. But right now, the world is in a crazy place. Everything is an opportunity to do things differently! So what do you say? Do you want to be my photographer?

OLIVE:I’m honored to be your photographer. I like taking pictures, so thank you.

ME: Do you promise not to shoot me from below?

OLIVE: Yes. And then you won’t look like you have a very big chin

ME: Oh no, I’m worried about looking like I have NO chin!

When @theststyle and I talked about doing this piece, months ago, it was supposed to be about the fact that @flowerbeauty was expanding @superdrug and then it became an even more involved and personal piece .... and wait til you see what it evolved into... ready ... wait for it…”

Though Olive’s face is hidden in every photo, the slideshow Drew shared shows her taking photos of her mom in nature.

“My daughter Olive took the photos, because at this moment in time, we are all getting innovative and inventive about how we do things! As I said to her.. ‘This is an opportunity!’ We all are seeing things differently and that translates into the execution of life!!” Drew wrote in the caption for the finished article and images. Drew called Olive “the worlds [sic] smallest and moodiest photographer,” but maintained, “she’s good!”

And the results were maybe even better than what a professional could produce? Drew’s comfort before her daughter’s lens is certainly palpable in the artistic shots.

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