Drew Barrymore Dishes on Daughter Olive's (Very Messy) Obsession with Lipstick

Drew Barrymore
Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore never fails to look gorgeous on every red carpet she graces, but the proud mom of two (Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2) recently admitted that before the cameras flash, her growing girls definitely make getting out the door a challenge. And while you’d think the happy toddlers would, say, refuse to put on their shoes, like most kids do, it’s fashion and beauty that actually extends the getting-ready process for the family.

"I wish I could even tell you the story of yesterday with [Olive] getting into my lipstick—it was a real scene!” Barrymore told reporters Sunday afternoon at Safe Kids Day 2016 in L.A., where the actress went on to explain how obsessed the little girl is with all things makeup. “I’m actually scarred from it. it was something out of like, I don’t know—it was insanity. I didn’t know that one Flower Beauty lip crayon could [be so] highly pigmented, matte, and long lasting. It is. It definitely is.”

So what, exactly, did Olive do with the beauty staple? “Let’s just say the whole face got covered, then the hands on the walls, everywhere. I actually was so freaked out at one point trying to clean the mess up that I just started laughing out of nervousness,” she added. “We were on our way to Frankie’s party. It was just, oh my God. She looked kind of like Gollum, too. She was like perched on the tub. I was like, ‘How did this happen in like three minutes?’ and it took over an hour to get it off of her. It was nuts.”

Talk about following in mom’s uber stylish footsteps.

—with reporting by Carita Rizzo

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