This Is How Drew Barrymore Is Celebrating National Sunglasses Day Today

Drew Barrymore - Lead
Photo: Instagram/@drewbarrymore

When it comes to showing off both style and function, sunglasses comes out on top of our summer staples list—which makes today's National Sunglasses Day (who knew?) one of the easiest to commemorate. And what makes celebrating even easier is Drew Barrymore's new Flower eyewear collection, her latest venture that launched last month.

"I think so much about the face," she tells InStyle. "Right now, I work exclusively from the neck up—with my makeup, fragrance, and eyewear—and it's so much about identity, empowerment, expression, and confidence. Glasses are synonymous to beauty, and I try to think how they flatter a woman's face."

Her six sunglass styles ("It would have been easier to design 50," she says on how tough it was to winnow down her favorites), vary in aesthetic, from aviator to rectangle, but they were all designed to be universally flattering and sophisticated. The unique tortoiseshell combos—in pretty pinks, honeys and grays— are especially standout, a feature she labored over, she says.

And since Barrymore doesn't do anything half-ass, she's going all out for National Sunglasses Day.

"I'm going to wear our sunglasses, the "Edie" in brown-blue demi tortoiseshell," she says. "And I'm going to a hip-hop dance class and dance around and celebrate sunglasses."

Flower sunglasses are available for $39 each and are sold exclusively at Walmart Optical Center locations.

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