DressYourGuests.com Launches to Avoid Awkward "She's Wearing My Dress" Moments

Dress Your Guests, Elyse Newhouse and Kate Brennan
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There have been Facebook groups created to deal with the “What are you wearing?” problems that come with big events (think weddings, proms, engagement parties, etc.). Now, there’s a new way to gather your buds in one place and brainstorm wardrobe ideas: DressYourGuests.com. Founders Elyse Newhouse and Kate Brennan launched the site this month as an “online private dressing room,” where hosts can dictate the dress code (as simple or complicated as they want) and invite their guests to interact with one another about the attire, see what guests are planning to wear, and receive fashion advice and recommendations. "People are always asking me or other people what should we wear and we get these invitations with crazy dress codes,” said Newhouse. “We decided there had to be a way that was private, easy and fun for people to connect and decide what to wear to parties.” Added Brennan: "We have been on both sides of the question asking each other what to wear and what our friends are wearing and we realized there needed to be a social media platform to connect to figure what to wear to these events."

The two both hail from creative industries—Brennan was a buyer for Ralph Lauren and Newhouse hosted and prepared charity events—until they met and launched this initiative. So far, the uses have proved interesting. “We’ve had a Great Gatsby-themed birthday and there was also a Beyoncé-themed bachelorette party,” said Brennan, noting that guests used the site to brainstorm ideas about Queen Bey and Sasha Fierce that didn't overlap. “Everyone dressed as a different Beyoncé character and then went to her concert that same night.” Check out the service by visiting dressyourguests.com (it's free, you just have to register). Tell us: Would you ever post what you're wearing on a site like this?

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