By Claire Stern
Updated Oct 21, 2014 @ 12:33 pm
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What to wear to work ... and after-work drinks. For career women around the world, it's a wardrobe conundrum as old as time, and yet for some reason there's still a dearth of viable options—especially affordable ones that won't go out of style as fast as you can say "culotte." Enter And B. The L.A. brand takes the structured menswear of Zara and the work-appropriate silhouettes of 25 Bedford and fuses them into the ideal day-to-night wardrobe. And to put a cherry on top, they've just unveiled a brand spanking new website to showcase their fall collection.

Zoey blouse, $106; Hailey top, $88; Lara dress, $152; from

Among the items featured are relaxed-fit woven tops, double-layered tanks, and button-down collared dresses (pictured above), all equally perfect for your cubicle and a crowded cocktail bar, and all priced—wait for it—between $88 and $165. For fashion director Hana Kim, the line was birthed out of a personal (read: every woman's) struggle. “I wanted to design something for work that's more than your average button-down dress shirt," she told InStyle. "You can wear these pieces to the office dressed up with heels, or on the weekend with your favorite pair of sneakers." Or maybe sneakers for both?