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Credit: Casey Brodley

If anyone deserves a present that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, it’s probably the lady you’ll be celebrating this Sunday on Mother’s Day. So why not go the extra mile and give her gift a little TLC with these adorable how-tos from the cheerful blogger OH Joy!. From her latest book, Oh Joy: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy, which was released last month, we scooped up a select few approachable options that are pretty photogenic too—you might just want to bust out your Instagram and document the process!

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Credit: Courtesy William Morrow Publishing


Bring out this blast from the past to decorate your wrapped gifts


Solid wrapping paperDouble-sided tapePuffy paint in the colors of your choice


1. Choose your wrapping paper; solid colors works best. You can even use simple white or kraft paper or the inside of a flattened paper grocery bag.2. Wrap the gift with the paper as you usually would, but be sure to use double-sided table to secure the ends so there’s no tape on the exterior of the package.3. Use the puffy paints to make the pattern or drawing of your choice on the top of the package. Let dry, and then move on to decorate the sides. Keep going until you’ve covered at least the sides that show.4. Let dry completely (at least a few hours to overnight), then add a simple ribbon or button to the top of you’d like!

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Credit: Casey Brodley


Customize a gift with the recipient’s name, favorite phrase, or any other fun message you want to express.


At least 2 styles of wrapping paperABC templatesX-acto knife and cutting board


1. Print out the pop-up ABC templates.2. Choose a word or phase of your choice that will fit onto the top of the box you’re wrapping.3. Choose which wrapping paper you want for the outside of the box and which you want to show through the cutouts. (You need a much smaller piece for behind the cutouts and can use leftover scraps, too.)4. Measure out where the top of the box will be when wrapped in the paper so you know that the area you’re cutting will be on the top.5. Print the letter templates onto regular paper and cut out the letters of your choice— simply cut outside each letter so there is white space around it.6. Place the first letter into position on your wrapping paper and use an X-Acto knife to cut through both the template and the wrapping paper. Cut along the black line and fold on the orange line to indicate where to fold the wrapping paper.7. Repeat with the rest of the letters.8. Cut the inside paper to be large enough to show behind all the cut-out letters. Tape it underneath the top paper layer so the pattern shows through the letters.9. Wrap the present with the outside layer. PHOTOS: Mother's Day Beauty Indulgences