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The pros at DreamDry haven't started making house calls just yet (don't worry...we'll wait), but the salon's brand new app is bringing their coveted services straight to your fingertips. Rachel Zoe's famed blowout bar, which currently has outposts in New York City and Chicago, just launched a dossier app for the iPhone, and "obsessed" doesn't even begin to describe our feelings. In addition to having the full menu at the swipe of your touchscreen, it makes the booking process a breeze by giving you a full list of your past, present, and upcoming appointments, and you'll also have access to before and after shots of every style you've tried so far. "I'm beyond excited that the DreamDry experience is now mobile," Zoe tells InStyle exclusively. "Launching the app is the natural next step for a brand whose mission is to provide the most luxurious and streamlined salon appearance."

You also have the option to choose your favorite stylist for your appointment, but naturally, our favorite feature by far is the one that allows you to swap your points for free blowouts. For every dollar you spend in the salon, you'll get Premier Points added to your account, which you can spend at your next appointment toward treatments, styling, products, and blowouts. We also recommend tapping into your social circle, as you'll be able to rack up extra points each time you refer a friend. "It has always been a priority of mine to help women find time for glamour in their everyday lives," Zoe adds. A woman after our own hearts, indeed. Head over to the iTunes Store now to download the app for free! Your hair will definitely thank you.