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Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna
Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage

In seemingly an act of defiance, Rob Kardashian just named his first daughter, the only offspring thus far who has the Kardashian last name, and her name doesn’t start with a “K.”

The 29-year-old and his fiancé Blac Chyna gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday, Nov. 10, and gave her quite the unconventional name: Dream Renée Kardashian. The newborn rivals cousins North, Saint, and Reign for the most unique name in the family, but it’s no surprise that the couple went a non-traditional route.

“Artists are creative by nature and therefore usually choose more creative baby names,” Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO of babynames.com, tells InStyle. While we’d have to ask the happy parents for the personal significance behind “Dream,” their baby’s middle name, Renée, means “rebirth” or “reborn,” making the significance behind her name, “Dream Reborn.”

Considering Rob’s recent reemergence in the public eye and Chyna’s newfound happiness after splitting with Tyga, this name is making more and more sense. Plus, mom’s real name is Angela Renée White, which means that the baby girl is borrowing her middle name from her mother.

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While there’s no telling if this moniker will start popping up on the “most popular” charts, several other celebrity baby names have been borrowed by the masses. “The most popular celebrity-used names among the general population are Harper, Khloe, Luna, and Finn,” Moss, the author of The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book ($15; amazon.com), tells us.

If you like the vibe of a name like “Dream,” but don’t want to seem like a copycat, Moss has some other suggestions. If you’re looking for an ethereal name, try out Wonder, Trance, Reverie, or Muse. If natural vibes are more your style, try out Meadow, Bridge, Cloud, North, Snow, Rain, or Treasure.

As for us, we’re taking bets on when a Dream Kardashian reality show hits E!.