By Marianne Mychaskiw
Apr 07, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
ABC/Richard Cartwright

It was meet the parents night on Revenge, when Emily crossed the pond with Aiden to visit his mother! But the trip wasn't as light-hearted as to be expected: The duo arrived in England, pretending to be an engaged couple, so Aiden can speak to his mother about the day his father shot himself, and to find out if there is evidence linking Pascal to the event.

The name Oscar Chapman turns up during his search, and Aiden later learns that Chapman was a freelance photographer who worked for Pascal, and may have ties to the incident. Aiden admits to his mother that he and Emily aren't together, and that his sister Colleen was kidnapped—a fact that Aiden's mother didn't know for the past eight years.

"I really enjoyed seeing where Aiden came from," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson (pictured, below). "He seems so multi-layered with sadness, damage, and anger, and it's so nice when you can go deeper into each character's background." Still, Aiden takes comfort in the fact that he was able to reconnect with his mother, and that she and Emily got along as well.


Once Conrad learns that Pascal is going back on their partnership plan, he meets with Pascal's South American business partner, who tells Conrad he's prepping his son Gideon to take over the business. Margaux catches wind of the news and is understandably upset. Daniel speaks to Pascal about this, and Pascal later apologizes to Margaux for being a bad father. She responds by presenting him with her five-year plan for Voulez, and later celebrates with Daniel once the plan is approved.

"I wanted to start dressing her more powerful with her dad in town, so she's bracing herself to go toe-to-toe with him," says Ohanneson. "There's also all this tension and chemistry between her and Daniel—they've known each other all their lives and have grown up knowing each other, since Conrad and Pascal have been competing with each other for Victoria's affection."

And speaking of Queen Grayson... Victoria pays a visit to Mason Treadwell, the crime writer from season 1 who ended up in prison after being framed for murder. She drills him for information about Emily, but his lips are sealed -- that is, unless she can get him out of jail by the end of the month.

Following their meeting, he calls Emily to renegotiate their deal. Stevie then meets with Mason in prison to discuss Emily's offer, but he rejects it. He is given a can of shaving cream by a guard, and it ends up being toxic. Treadwell suffers an attack, and is presumed dead. Stevie hears of this news, and in a state of distress, blames herself and turns back to the bottle. Jack finds her and encourages her to move back to Los Angeles for her own well-being, and she asks him to come with her. He declines, and Stevie then determines that it's because he is in love with Emily. Mason's body is being transported off the prison grounds, when he suddenly wakes up in the coroner's van to Nolan Ross in a police disguise.

As it turns out, the shaving cream—courtesy of Emily Thorne—contained a chemical that caused him to appear dead for 12 hours, and allowed him to escape from jail without suspicion. Nolan presents him with a new identity, then questions him about how he knows Oscar Chapman. Treadwell reveals that Oscar is still alive, and possibly knows of the connection between Pascal and Aiden's father.

The episode closes with a passionate moment between Pascal and Victoria, who donned a sparkly red L'Wren Scott number just for the occasion. "The red color took the route of passion and love, so it was really perfect for the scene, and we wanted it to be sparkly since it was all about romance," adds Ohanneson. "Even though Victoria is usually behaving badly, it's nice to see her get some love in her life." We agree!

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