Drake's Career Just Hit Another Major Milestone

Photo: Ron Turenne/Getty Images

Spotify revealed that Drake is the world's most-streamed artist of 2015, with Rihanna not too far behind him. [Billboard]

Here are more must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:

1. The Family Matters reunion of your dreams is finally about to happen thanks to a new holiday film from Lifetime. [Refinery 29]

2. The Star Wars domination continues with new ice cream flavors that honor the latest installment The Force Awakens. [Entertainment Weekly]

3. Get ready to visit Jerry Seinfeld's television apartment through this replica in Los Angeles. [Time]

4. The artist who brought us "Gangam Style" is back with another must-see video. [YouTube]

5. Today, we're remembering Rosa Parks who bravely fought for equality by refusing to give up her seat exactly 60 years ago. [CNN]

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