Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

When it comes to Hollywood momma’s boys, there are few that can compete with Sandi Graham’s doting son Aubrey, better known as rap icon Drake.

Although he’s arguably a tad busy topping the charts and working on his hip dad dance moves, Drake never fails to find time for the women that made it all possible, his beloved mother.

She’s his “warrior.”

His "angel"...

On Tuesday evening, Drake and his No. 1 fan made their way to Nobu in N.Y.C. for a low-key dinner.

Literally, how adorable is this woman?! Look how her son rests his hand on her shoulder …

Drake and his mom
Credit: Splash News

While we’re 45% salty that Drake didn’t take us to Nobu, this picture-perfect moment is pretty hard to knock.

We’re not crying, just allergies…

May we all find a momma's buy as worthy as Aubrey Graham.