Drake Hilariously Endorses Himself in a Mock Instagram Ad

Is Drake broadening his horizons as an Instagram influencer?

The rapper took to the photo-sharing platform on Monday to share a selfie of himself sipping an iced Starbucks beverage with a hilarious caption. The Canadian multi-threat’s post—which wouldn't look out of place on your run-of-the-mill dating profile—appeared to poke fun at the trend of celebrity social media endorsements.

“#Ad,” Drizzy began his caption.

"I love terry cloth and sex and money and less problems in the world," he continued. That's quite the product description.

As for where to get your hands on your own? "Link me," he wrote. (So that means he's waiting for that Hotline Bling, yes?)

Of course, part of the humor lies in the fact that Drake himself is wearing a sweater from his own line, OVO (October's Very Own). So, you know, while he's trolling he's also giving a nod to Starbucks and plugging his own brand. Very meta.

Considering how strange celebrity Instagram ads often read on the platform, the rapper’s over-the-top caption is spot on.

Slam dunk, Drake. Slam dunk.

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