Before he was rapping about making $25 million before age 25, Drake was a TV actor. Yep, in case you forgot, the now 30-year-old Canadian chart-topping rapper began his career on teen drama Degrassi in the 2000s.

He portrayed James “Jimmy” Brooks. He was cute. He was smooth. He won many girls over in high school. Of course, Drake is famously remembered for being the star of the basketball team that later ended up confined to a wheelchair after an incident with a gun. In retrospect, it’s really tough to picture Drake as a TV actor. But it’s so. Funny.

Watch a clip of Drake as Jimmy below:

So is the star still making money from the show? On Tuesday, Drake took to Instagram to share an image that made our jaws drop. “Degrassi money still coming in don’t sleeeeeeep,” he wrote alongside the photo of his paycheck.

Expected $20,000, maybe even $10,000? Nope.

The check was made out for $8.25. Eight dollars. And twenty-five cents. That can’t even buy your salad at Chop’t!

And while Drake didn't specify how often he receives such checks, we don't expect that they come frequently enough to make him consider quitting his day job.

Started from the bottom. Now he’s here.