The complicated viral story just got a new update.

Natalia Dr. Phil
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Last month, a viral story began floating around the internet about a Ukranian orphan whose adoptive parents claimed she was an adult masquerading as a child. At the time, Natalia, the orphan, hadn't been seen since 2016, but now, Dr. Phil has managed to track her down for a sit-down interview.

In a preview clip of the interview, which is set to air Thursday, she denied her adoptive parents Michael and Kristine Barnett's claims that she is actually a mentally unstable adult who threatened their family.

"I just want people to hear my side," she can be heard saying in the clip.

Last month, Daily Mail published an interview with Kristine Barnett, in which she claimed she and ex-husband Michael Barnett found out their adoptive daughter was lying about her age after conducting bone density tests. Natalia, who has a form of dwarfism, stands at about three feet tall, and needs help walking. The Barnetts adopted her in 2010, but in 2013, they left her in the U.S. and moved to Canada, which Kristine said they did only after finding out that Natalia was apparently lying about her age.

They were both charged with two counts of felony abandonment of a dependent based on a statement Natalia made in 2014, alleging that she was "left alone" by her adoptive parents the year before.

“It’s not true, at all," she says of the Barnetts' claims in Dr. Phil's clip.

"I guess it really comes down to whether or not you are an evil psychopath demon child that's come over here to murder everybody," Dr. Phil can be heard saying in the preview.

In the clip, a woman can be seen sitting next to Natalia, holding her hand, though it's not yet clear who the woman is. Last month, it was reported that in 2016, a couple named Antwon and Cynthia Mans applied to be Natalia’s guardians, and that 2016 was the last time anyone had seen Natalia — until now.