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It’s official, people! After rumblings on the subject, it’s been confirmed that there will, in fact, be a Downton Abbey movie coming soon(ish) to a theater near you. O.G. Downton writer Julian Fellowes will be responsible for the script, and in what we find an impossibly sweet piece of inside info, Fellowes actually pre-wrote the script on the chance that a movie might come to fruition! And it came true!

VIDEO: A Refresher: The Downton Abbey Season Finale Trailer

Filming is set to begin in September, with Carnival films producing, and it’s not a moment too soon! Fans have been left at loose ends after the six-season Brit drama reached its end last year, and have had to content ourselves by following the cast diaspora to wherever our favorite Crawleys et. al. landed post-series.

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So as we wait with bated breath for casting announcements (to be revealed soon, hopefully!), we’ll have to satisfy ourselves by watching Lady Mary-portrayer Michelle Dockery in her very un-Mary role on Good Behavior. Want a cousin Rose fix? Look no further than the recent remake of Cinderella.

But a return to Downton? There’s just nothing like it. Stay tuned for casting updates as they roll in.